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Building Strong, Confident Swimmers

Our daughters, now ages 6 & 4 have been taking swim lessons from Kathie & CJ since they were both 18 months of age.  I'll admit I was skeptical of her methodology at first.  My husband & I were both competitive swimmers, though neither of us have the kids in lessons to become competitive swimmers.  We wanted them to learn to swim primarily as a life skill.  My skepticism was quickly dismissed as I watched them develop tremendous confidence & skills through Kathie & CJ's swim school.

Who knows where this will lead, if either of our girls follow in Dad's Olympic footsteps, we'll have Kathie & CJ to thank as much as good genes!


  Kids become strong swimmers

Unmatched experience and results

I have 3 kids who hated swimming, hated cold water, including a 7 year old who complained about getting wet in the bathtub. After starting with Kathy, CJ and Todd, I truly saw a change in my children almost overnight.  They never complain about lessons, they can’t wait to jump in the pool and they have learned how to swim so quickly.  After dragging my kids to lessons at other places where they swim for 5 minutes and listen to the teacher for 25 minutes, I’m convinced that the techniques at KTAP truly work and are unmatched anywhere else.  I go out of my way to tell anyone about my kids’ experience here.  The weekly progress is astonishing and if you are on the fence on where to take your children, give Kathy and her company a shot!




Fun While Learning To Swim

My 4-year-old had been in various swimming lessons since he was an infant but was still clinging to me or my husband when in a pool.  While we had lots of fun singing, splashing, and getting comfortable in the water, he was not learning to swim or water safety.  After mentioning this to a friend, she recommended KTAP, where both of her sons learned to swim.  We signed up for our first summer session, and after one 6-week session, he was treading water, practicing strokes, and jumping in off the edge and diving board while wearing a swim belt – and not once was I in the pool with him!  He improved and willingly tried new things in every single class.  He got so comfortable and confident in the water, that he started jumping off the boat into the lake (wearing a life vest) all on his own.  Needless to say, I signed him and his little brother (2) up for the remainder summer and fall sessions.  Both love going to their swim class. They are having fun while learning to swim. 




Absolutely amazing results.
This is where all kids should learn to swim

My kids began swim lessons at KTAP in May of 2015. My youngest, 3 at the time, would sink if not supported, and refused to put her head under water. My oldest, 5 at the time, was at a similar skill level, by no means able to swim!  They had taken lessons for about a year before coming to KTAP. I still remember the first day my 5 year old swam by herself. It was at KTAP - she jumped off the diving board and swam to the edge with ease and without any floats. I was speechless. It was just 4 months after starting with KTAP!  Since then she has excelled at swimming.  She loves learning new strokes, participating in the friendly race competitions in class, and practicing her diving. She is a great swimmer thanks to KTAP, and this skill has helped her confidence immensely!  My youngest now age 4, is able to swim as well without floats. She is still refining her diving and stroke skills, but I have every confidence she be at the same swimming ability very soon under the instruction at KTAP.

While my kids are now "swimmers", I keep coming back to KTAP for regular lessons to further refine their ability and strength in the water.  It is a life safety skill that they can never get enough of!  I am so grateful for KTAP and what they have provided for our family.  I have recommended KTAP to numerous friends who also take lessons regularly!



A splashing good time

I have been attending KTAP, Inc. for 5 years now. I have two boys, ages 4 and 8 and they absolutely love to swim. We have been to other swim locations before and never felt like they were progressing in their strokes or techniques. From day one at KTAP, Inc., I have been very impressed not only with the instructors but their swimming facility as well. Schedules are flexible and the instructors will work with you to find the best days/times that fit your needs. Very large pool that is clean and well maintained, changing rooms, bubble top for our cold and wet Seattle Spring months and lots of parking and seating. Kathie and CJ have been able to push my kids to a level that they are not only comfortable at but also constantly improving.  They are genuine, caring and encouraging instructors. They use back floats, which are able to be adjusted, allowing each child to be comfortable and gain confidence in the water to develop essential swimming skills. My kids favorite part of swimming is learning about boat and water safety.  This is such an excellent program that I highly recommend KTAP, Inc. to all of our friends.  Thank you for making swimming enjoyable, Kathie and CJ.



Quit Wasting Your Time And Money

I know KTAP is much more expensive than other swim schools so tried many other places with not great results.  Now I realize you get what you pay for: professionals working full-time that know how to teach and have been doing it for many years, versus teenagers working by the hour.  It is amazing what KTAP can accomplish in a half hour.  Sorry I didn't bite the bullet sooner.  KTAP is the best and worth money and time spent.

Therapist Sees Improvement

My child was seeing an occupational therapist and asked me what I was doing different as my child was suddenly showing great improvement.  I said the only thing different was that we were taking swimming lessons at KTAP.  Her response was keep it up it is doing wonders.



Freedom From Mom In The Pool

We took swimming as a toddler where the parents are in the pool which seems forever.  Lots of singing and playing.  I was ready to be out.  Found out that KTAP wants the parents out ASAP.  Wow, this was for me.  I couldn't believe what my child at 2 1/2 learned how to do, dive to the bottom for rings, learn to knee dive, get up in the swimming position, face in the water blowing bubbles, etc.   Why didn't I go to KTAP in the beginning?  Don't make the mistake I did.



What A Difference

We tried many swim schools with no success.  My child would not put her face in the water, actually told teachers she didn't want to do what they asked her to do.  Friends told me to go to KTAP as they would not have the child running the class and great results would happen.  The first few lessons were tough as he wanted his way but realized he couldn't run the show.  Now I have a very confident swimmer.  Thanks.


Great Vacations

So glad I started my children as toddlers.  We are able to go on vacations and let our children paddle around with their belt, jump off the side and have complete freedom without having to carry them around.  Others parents are jealous as they have their children in their arms who don't want water splashed on them.  Yes toddlers can learn to swim!

Fantastic Teachers

You don't often find adults who have been teaching swimming for years to teach your child.  My child did not like to get her face wet but in a very short time was putting her face in the water, jumping off the side and board with no problems.  Kathie and CJ showed patience and encouragement but at the same time didn't put up with "I don't want to do that." 


Tears Turn to Happiness

I had a crying child.  I was totally embarrassed.  Kathie said no big deal, talk to the other mothers and they will tell you they have been there.  I was assured that in a few lessons there would be a change.  How right everyone was!  I am so glad I didn't give up and Kathie didn't give up.  All I can say it is better to go through the tears than lose a child to a drowning.

Learning To Be Prepared
For What You Don't Want To Happen

I and my children loved the water safety which is emphasized  in Sept.  We have a boat and now my children are much more aware of what they need to do.  I love the fact that they do not allow any goggles.  Too often kids know how to swim, but if their goggles fall off it is panic time and those swim lessons they had are suddenly forgotten.  My children and my husband and I love KTAP.


Start Your Children Young

My first child I started in lessons at 6.  I then started my middle child at 4 and the youngest at 2.  I should have started all of them at 2.  My 2 year old who is now older now has much more skill, and much better coordination than my older ones.  I feel it is a result of swimming.




Outstanding Program

The KTAP program is outstanding.  After spending a year in another program and not learning to swim, we were impressed with the quick progress our oldest grandchild made into becoming a beautiful swimmer.  The individual attention and time on task can not be beat.  Every minute is maximized.  We were so impressed we decided to bring all our grandchildren.  One, who was formerly terrified of water, went from screaming at the sight of water to jumping off the diving board, diving for rings and loving swimming in just a few short weeks.  Amazing!



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